Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TIME crunched!!!!

i am really2 bad at managing TIME..

i alwez had the feeling that i haven't achieved much in a day! i have to think of ways to solve this..first i need to give myself uninterrupted periods during the day so that i can give 100% commitment / focus on my work. I would turn off my hp if I have to (have to admit that this is in fact my weakness)..hehe..

I will also avoid impromptu meetings.. So if anyone asks me out at the very last minute..im afraid I will have to say NO this time..hehe.. unless..its important..teehheee...i dont know how long this will last (coz i myself alwez sms people at the very last minute too) LOL =D  I just thought that impromptu meetings can really disrupt my productivity..ye la sometimes tu nak pegi shopping la etc...what a temptation la kan?? haha.. how can u say NO to it!!! but Insyallah I will try...I can do it!! I can alwez rescheduled.. there's alwez next time..

I will avoid from being a SLAVE to the phone!!! I dont wannna deal with calls if i dont really have time for them..usually susah sgt nak hang up phone once u started..ish2.. bergayut phone cam monyet...ade je bende nak discuss/gossip (i loiiikeeeeeeee) hehe.. hence, i will let my voicemail pick it up... And of course I will respond to the messages later on! 

Finally, I will make the most of my PRIME TIME!! Im aware that this is when my energy levels and enthusiasm are sky-high!  I need to change!!!!Susah sgt if u can easily get distracted by other things..ish2..Kena baca doa byk2..amin..Having said that, I really2 hope these will be a good problem-solving to me =D


  1. finally..i found your blog while blog hopping..ngeehh =)

    keep on writing girl..


  2. hehe..sorry sis..been bz..was away for the whole month of march!!! attended induction course & BTN!! huhu..but sure will cont it soon..now still malas2 lagi..hehe