Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 random things about me =D

1. I love shopping. I don’t mind spending a day @ the mall.

2. I used to be an impulsive buyer. My friends used to tell me that I was addicted impulsive buying. I didn’t know how bad it was until a few years ago. It wasn’t big purchases, but little things like bags, shoes, clothes and accessories. Im glad that im no longer that impulsive, at least when it comes to buying things. Thanks to my friends!

3. Designer handbags, designer shoes and “sambal belacan + budu + ulam + masak lemak cili padi ” turn me on.

4. I wash and shampoo my hair everyday. I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t wash/shampoo my hair. I like the feeling of freshness.

5. I like to pull my hair out. Ive been pulling my hair out since I was 10. I even had a bald spot when I was 12. I remember I heard Mariam (who is known as “Marre” to most of us and “Marre yg cantik” to some) was telling her friend “Tengok rambut dia, botak..hahaha”. I was so sad.

6. I am always late for everything except for Pak Lah’s fan club assembly (Irma knows this). I really need self discipline.

7. I am a TV freak.

8. I cant live without tissue. I would like to thank the person who invented it. Who???

9. I do not know how to summarize stories that I tell. I tend to elaborate. My friends hate me for taking so much of their time to listen to my story.

10. I never dyed my hair. I am going to dye it soon.

11. I love food. And I love to eat (good food) obviously, love to look at pictures of it, love to make it (still learning). I eat almost everything, be it paru, lidah, jering , petai etc… If “batu” boleh makan pun I makan. Haha. I love onions. I know that they give you bad breath, but they are soooooo delicious. I will usually brush my teeth after eating , so nothing to worry about. I love my mom’s cooking!

12. I colour code my stuffs (wardrobes/accessories/toiletries) from lightness to darkness.

13. I just realized that I could have OCD. I would always check under my bed to see if there’s someone/something hiding underneath my bed. Before I leave the house, I will check to see if I unplugged the kettle, iron, switched off the fan, etc. Some of my friends are convinced that I have OCD. Before I go to sleep, I need my door closed or else it drives me crazy. I would also check up on the fridge, again the kettle, then the door , then the lights! Even though I know I’ve checked these things, I still go back and check up on them again and again! I realized that there are just more and more things getting added onto the list. I have the tendency to want everything in line and in order..i drive my husband crazy because of this!! I finally found a reason for #6. It’s the OCD! OCD does slow me down because of all the extra things I feel I have to do that other people don’t!! Oh No!!

14. I am a “neat freak”. I need everything to be neat, tidy and organized. Same as 13 I guess. hehe

15. I slept in my parents’ bed until I was 17 . Saya takut hantu!! Or maybe because they have the best mattress & pillows in the house! The level of comfort – Amazing! So soft and warm and makes me think of soft, warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. Felt like a Sleeping Beauty, I doubt even a handsome prince could wake me up.

16. I am scared of the dark (unless I have someone with me). I always think there's going to be a pair of red/green eyes looking at me in total darkness. I need to sleep with light slightly on.

17. I have a sensitive stomach.

18. I wish to have a toilet or a bathroom attach to my cubicle.

19. I love my parents, husband and family so much, more than anything in this world! I can’t imagine my life without them. I don’t want to.

20. I love karaoke but I have a terrible voice =p

21. I love kids. Ive always wanted to open up a daycare/kindergarten. I even told tini & rini about this. Hehe..

22. Less fortunate people made me feel so blessed! Sometimes I tend to complaint about simple issues of life without realizing that I am after all a very blessed person. I wish I could help those people..sedih everytime I tengok advert Bersamamu, pakcik2 tua kerja tepi jalan & orang yang sakit =( ish2

23. I wish I could afford a BMW…one day..Insyallah

24. I miss student/university life..seriously…

25. I like WeNwOrTh MiLlER..the hottest guy ever! hahaha


  1. jom bukak daycare/kindie together2!

  2. hahahaa...jom2..let's2!!! i know u must be really excited to open up one after the arrival of baby dani kan!!! hehe..he's such a cute lil' boy...told u muka die byk itot u =) chomel sgt!! geyammm!