Sunday, February 8, 2009

the most important decision of my life

There is one happiness in life "to love and be loved". Deciding whom to marry was the most important decision that i have ever made in my life. People say that if u pick ur partner wisely, u save urself much heartache later...well, i have chosen mine =) i am really HAPPY with the decision that i made..after what i have went through all these while..through storms & & downs.. i finally decided to marry the love of my life - Mr. Nuhairil Ahmad a.k.a. Optimus Prime =D
I have also learned that it is best to have bond based on similarity & attraction based on opposites. Not everything i like, he likes...not everything i do, he does...the followings reflect my words here:
shopping - he thinks that i should only shop when necessary
bags - he's still trying to understand y women need more than one bag! Oh God!
shoes - same as 2.
make-ups - do i really need these??? haha...i rarely use them n still buying more!!...well i might change & put them to good use later...aite??
football - oh i loooooooooooooooooooooove football! with shoulders that go on forever & gorgeous muscles everywhere, who doesnt???? wait , we r talking abt football..not the players!! focus fiena..focus!!!
golf - totally not me! the whole family r into golfing except me..lucky u darl!!
work - not that i hate working or my work but he is a WORKAHOLIC! one busy man who's living in a fast moving lane...penat nak cope...ish2
above r examples..of course i cant list out every single would take me hoursssssssssss to do that! hihi..
football - eh ive already mentioned this above...chehhh
tennis - we enjoy watching tennis =)
cooking - i am still learning while he is a damn good cook!! huhu!
bowling - this is like a-must-do activity every month
karaoke - he sings better..but heck like i care what people say abt my voice..haha..we both love karaoke! lallalaaa.lallalala....
music - that keeps us alive =)
movie - something that we like to do most - every friday nite! weehooooooo!
meeting people - ske sgt2 =) obviously my communication skill is not as good as his =) but it helps me to improve is helps me to overcome my shyness (malukah saye?) as much as i love gossiping as it is the exercise of the tounge, conversation is something different.. it would be the exercise of the mind!! hahhaa..kira mcm intellectual punya topic of discussion la...hehe.. mengade la plaks..hehehe..
travelling - this would be our annual activity..mati la nak travel abroad often...memang makan nasi impit je la kitaorg...hahaaa..this must be planned first..our target would be end of that we can splurge our money during Christmas sale there!! great idea, isnt it????
cars & house - ni we both ske tgk je...haha..there's no harm of having dreams aite? =) i believe dreams r the starting points of achivements, even great ones! so xpe aim je...if we dont have any dreams, we tend to become dull & kitaorg suka those people that have low self-esteem & putting limits of what they can do & never thinking of achieving anything exciting or outstanding, i gotta tell u that u really need to change urself by beginning today & start DREAMING now!! when u have a dream, it would be a driving force for u to work harder & get what u want! =)
i believe that couples have to have something that they like to do together..butttttttt dissimilarities keep up a sense of individuality..xde la boring r'ship since being dynamic can be fascinating & challenging too kan????


  1. babe..i think i did post my comment..sumhow it got lost sumwhere..neway..keep posting girl..and i hope i found my mr right like u did..well i think i found juz hoping for a happy ending *teheeeeeeeee

  2. Dear fifie..
    I made a comment yesterday tp xtau g mane.. many people adore u, so i guess this would be a good channel for people to take a quick peep into ur world.hehe. keep on writing dear, can't wait for ur next post =)

  3. fienano!!!! hehehehe.. i xknow that u love karok n bowling!!!! ajak la i next time. hahahaa.. neways, welcome to the club!! i link urs okay? :)

  4. fifie sayang. luv ur posts. u r not at all shy!

  5. nadia - juz pray for the best k..insyallah ur time will come soon..amin =)

    niti - hhahaa..thx 4 ur support dear,so sweeettttt of u =D

    rinie - YESS!! definitely ..nanti i buzz u k, i mean after u habis confinement yea..hehe.. thx darl

    jucci - wuvvv u too & yes u r right, i dont think im a shy girl!! hahhaa...