Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my addiction

if the sun isnt around to brighten ur day, y dont u grab a G-orgeous designer handbag to cheer urself & ur wardrobe up!! hehe...or the least u can do is researching on handbags...i myself can never stop from doing it!! its like a daily issue to me =D a must do!!! one of the 1st things that i have in my mind everytime i wake up in the morning..hehehe...that explains y i can barely focus on my work...when i am stressed@ work, ill immediately take a break by doing something that doesnt require me to use my brain...researching handbags!! oh NO!
i have a disease!!
talking abt researching on handbags..it reminds me of a friend who had sent me email recently when i was away from the office (she was stalking me) she proposed that we should join the newly formed Research Division & that i should be the "Head" (yeah right..dream on fiena) of the said Division..haha...ohh yar since she's really2 good @ doing research..i could use her "expertise" for good cause..heheh

so the task of her work would be researching on Alligators/Crocodiles & Lambs...
lotssssssss of alligators & lambs to kill out there....i think we can find good justification for the mass murdering of DISTRESSED lambs and LAZY gators ...ohh..ohhh not to forget calf too =D muahahahhaa (evil laugh)these animals would die in honour, i mean they get to die and be a Birkin, LV, Ferragamo etc..hehe.. who wouldnt want????? mati pastu jadi high-end products...hihi..u r soooooo right olga (my friend's new nickname which i think its a bit wierd)!!!

she was telling me that she's going to donate her organs & skin ; organs for sick people who need them & her skin for bags (designer handbags of course, nothing less than FURLA...hehe.. high-taste hokaysss my friend ni...tehehehe..).. then she went on to say "I think i have enough skin for one of those big bags. is it called hobo??? i dunno but definitely not a tote" (she was just pretending to be a bimbo, as if she doesnt know la kan..
hahaha...good @ faking it..she's soooo funny. LOL =D i was laughing like mad reading her email!! ni la keja kitaorg when we r bored - bimbo talk! =D

well, what can i say..i just love designer handbags.. i wish i can add more to my not-so-many collections =(mummy's collections [according to najwa] byk la...haha..tumpang sekaki) ish2..so what i do now is researching, aim & save money for those to-die-for handbags...Insyallah the time will come...amin2 =)
as my dad used to say "if u have looadddsaaaaaaaaaaa money, jgn kata birkin, bapak birkin pun boleh" ahahaa.. birkin got father meh??? =p LOL i dont think my dad or even my hub understands my fascination with handbags... to them, one handbag is suffice but to us, i mean me, myself & i....NO!NO!NO! i guess u dudettes would agree with me aite?? my friends & i went berzerk bila nampak designer handbags yg cun tahap kuasa kuda & i couldnt even sleep a blink @ night thinking of it!! ish2.. designer handbags really turn us ON!! huhu..

so when people ask the Q below:

why women love designer handbags???

the answer is simple...

NO woman would want to be caught dead with the wrong bag!


  1. i remember the day u confessed bout ur addiction, u have progressed succesfully dear..two thumb up

    hehe.its a sinful indulgence only we chika's understand ;)

  2. i remember the day u confessed bout ur addiction, u have progressed succesfully dear.two thumbs up!

    hehe.its a sinful indulgence only we chika's wud understand ;)

  3. hi sweetie ;) i guess most women are meant to be designer handbags researchers.coz i'm into that too.hihihi :D

    btw,pls feel free to visit us 4more AUTH COACH bags at amazing price darling ;) http://www.royale-glam.co.cc
    thanks deAr ;)